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Spelte Naan

Food Memories – Naan Bread


I have very specific memories of my first experience with Indian food.  I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was in DC – near Dupont Circle.  It was raining and I was 12ish.  I had a mango lassi, and naan… I forget the rest.  I do know […]

Soft Pretzel and Beer Cheese

Is it a Party Without Pretzels?


On occasion the hubs and I get invited out.  Pot lucks are my favorite.  Seriously.  I get to bring either something that I love and want to share, or something that I’m working on and want to perfect.  I often bring dessert, not just to be popular (although that is […]

Crunchy Herb Roasted Cod

Want to Feel Better about Yourself? Eat Fish.


Between testing and then making all these recipes for photos, we end up with a lot of food around this house.  And recently, I’ve been on a bit of a dessert binge.  It’s just the two of us, with an entire pie or cake sitting on the counter, tempting us.  […]

Grilled Veggie Bruchetta

We’ll Have a Grillin’ Good Time


Two summers ago we bought a grill.  A big one.  A big six burner gas grill.  And Oh, how did we ever live without it?  We lived in Florida, the land of eternal summer, without a grill?  Sometimes you just can’t explain your own past.  It has been one of […]

Raspberry Thyme Jam
Jam/Jelly, Sweets

Summer Time Capsule…


Summer in Maine is racing to a close.  We get up in the morning and wish we hadn’t left the windows open all night.  We put on a sweatshirt to take the dog out and don’t bother with the iced coffee anymore.  It is still getting warm during the day, […]

Kale Salad

Don’t Know What to Make? Make Kale Salad


There are days, most days really, when I struggle to think of an interesting veggie for the side of my plate.  I confess that I’m not a fan of lettuce – it comes one of two ways, delicate and bitter, or crunchy and flavorless.  Not to mention that there is […]