Well hello there… Welcome to Woodland Table! I am Miriam – the author of this fine blog. I am
a foodie, as in I love food, all food, not just the pretentious “food of the moment” but all of it,
down to the last Parker House Roll and the rind off of the brie. I like hockey, and coffee, and
pork rinds, and autumn and anything with caramel sauce. I unapologetically follow up a dinner
of carefully crafted, locally sourced, organic, religiously blessed lobster bisque with an evening
in sweatpants and Oreos. I love Jelly Bellies and sausage gravy with biscuits. I appreciate
authenticity in people and in places. I’m not a hipster (frankly I’m too old for that nonsense). I
love to read and believe that the smell of real books is a thing of beauty. I am a fan of the
ellipsis… I am a tried and true country mouse, having grown up in West Virginia, rural Virginia
and now mid-coast Maine. I live in a 200-year old house with my hubby (my photographer, food
tester, and web designer), our cattle dog/border collie mix, Bera (my kitchen companion,
sometime food thief, and klutzy comic relief), and our cat Daphne (rodent exterminator,
windowsill napper and licker of the butter).

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