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Smoked Muscle Pasta

Summer Finale: A Cook’s Tour

Among other things, I am a localvore.  As much as possible I buy local ingredients.  I will even choose local over organic if those are my only choices.  I make these choices for a couple reasons.  Firstly I believe that fresher food is better, so the less time a foodstuff [...]
Wild Blueberry Buckle
Cake, Desserts

Hail the Maine Wild Blueberry!


I am generally a do-ahead kind of blogger.  Nearly all the recipes here have been made and photographed about a month before they are posted.  But every now and then, something will throw a wrench in the works and I’m forced to do a quick turn around.  This time it […]

White Bean Salad

In a Hurry? White Bean Salad to the Rescue!


Even though I am currently “between jobs” there are still evenings when dinner time sneaks up.  I will look up from my laptop or book and realize that it is seven and I haven’t even thought about thawing meat or preheating the oven.  Or I’ll spend all afternoon mowing the […]

Tomato Toast
Lunch, Mains

Requisite Tomato Toast


Remember when Tomato Toast was Avocado Toast?  Everyone scampering to come up with a new way to smoosh avocado on bread.  Add an egg!  Add Za’atar!  Add chipotles!  Add ALL THREE!  Why?  The whole point of a whatever – toast is to highlight the whatever you put on it.  This […]

Milk Bread Recipe

Let it Begin with Bread


This blog is a very long time coming – we’re talking years of planning and starting and life getting in the way and thinking and planning again. And then I lost my job. Suddenly I had a glut of free time. Frankly, I needed a distraction, something that I can […]